onsdag den 4. november 2009


Hello out there, and welcome to my try of making a blog, about my addiction to the game World of Warcraft.

Have you lost your friends, your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend - maybe your job, your 'real life'? Do you spend around 6 to 14 hours or maybe more, a day, taking care of your relationship with your computer, raiding dungeons and collectiong new 'epix lewt', while getting pale and overweight, with blood strained eyes? Do you go angry to bed often, becuase you failed your raid roll? Do you cry over the loss of your 'in-game' mate/lover, or get exited by spending hours on fictional emoting, stating the sexual needs, desires and habbits of your fictional character? Do you take the troubles of the guild with you, laying sleepless in bed bacause of a dickhead spoiling the fun from the other side of a screen, more than 3000 miles away from you, while simultaneously rejecting the calls from the 'outside world', filling your phone; becuase you simply don't have the energy to pick up? Then you might - or already have - consider(ed) if there could be a problem somewhere; maybe, you're addicted to the World of Warcraft too?

For a starter, yes, I know the blog title is quite cliché, and actually there is existing another blog, named the same. I would like to point out, that these two blogs are considerably different.
Also, it seems that the word "Confessions" has become a trend lately - or maybe always have been. Say "Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009 - movie) ", "Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress - A girls guide to the Dungeons&Dragons game (2007 - litterature)" (- which by the way is a hillarious, easy-to-read manual to those who wish to understand the freakyness of Roleplaying Games, seen from the perspective of a Sex and The City - like woman),"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002 - movie)", "Confessions of a Car Salesman (Updated 2009 - journalistic)", "Confessions (1974,1975, 1976, 1977 - novel based movie series)"... Insert more Google and Wikipedia results, if you wish. Anyway, point proven! But - it didn't shatter my determination on naming my blog in the 'Confession Style' anyhow.

The idea came to me this evening, quite spontanious, while I was attending a lecture, held by a former user of the drug Extacy. Quite a risky contrast, some might say, but actually I found many similarities to my own addiction, in the story she told. This blog will be featuring not only my own history, but hopefully also refelctions, facts about addictions in general, displays of my characters, their histories and it's alike. But most of all it will be a place, where I will share my thoughts on the subject of Wow-addiction, and what it contains. For others to laugh of, to think about, to hate, to love, to relate to; so they know, they are not alone. (-actually this site: www.wowdetox.com already offers a smililiar, anonymous service, should it be of interest. Quite entertaining, and sad)

To return to my inspiration, I will start by reciting the lecturist's way of explaining, how the drugs affected her: "We all have this wall, inside our heads. This big, massive wall that seperates reality from fantasy. But slowly, while I took the drugs, even when it was only 12 times all in all, there came cracks in this wall. And slowly they grew bigger, untill one day the wall was gone. There were nothing left to seperate reality from fantasy."

This is exactly how I experienced my life, while playing - and living - in the World of Warcraft; how I exsprienced My addiction. And that is, as stated earlier, what I will write about. This is what I will share with the real world - of course you are more than welcome to 'join in', should you live in the other one.

~ Sincerely ~

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